How does GYS solar lights respond to the national "carbon neutral"

In September 2020, my country proposed for the first time the goal of “achieving carbon peaks by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060”. According to data in 2020, my country's total carbon emissions have reached 10.251 billion tons, and the carbon emissions per unit of GDP is 0.653 kg/USD.

Guangdong GoaYi Solarpower Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of solar street lights, has a unique patented technology, thinks about the country, and is prosperous together. It is making due contributions to the national "carbon peak and carbon neutral" major strategy .

At present, there are about 28 billion self-built houses in rural areas in China, and the average demand for outdoor lighting products for each self-built house is more than 5, and the demand exceeds 1.42 billion;
Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, park squares, landscape tourism, agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, industrial parks, real estate communities, military industry, aerospace and other outdoor lighting products demand more than the demand for roads and self-built houses;
According to the above market demand statistics, the demand for outdoor lighting products exceeds 3 billion. If more than 80% of the lighting products in the above market are replaced with solar lighting products, the annual reduction in electricity consumption will reduce carbon emissions by more than one billion tons.

So the question is, can all the current solar street lights achieve the customer's ideal use effect and even meet the "carbon neutral" requirements?

At present, the solar lighting industry generally has three major problems of "inadequate brightness, short anti-cloudy and rainy days, and short service life", which have been plagued by the market for replacement and replacement.
Insufficient brightness means that the user’s visual needs cannot be met, resulting in user complaints and low market value;
The resistance to rainy days is short. After 2-3 days of continuous rainy days for most solar street lights, the brightness is very weak (60% below the national standard is unqualified) or does not light up, which is not enough for the lighting project to revitalize the countryside. The effect of, will cause a large number of complaints from users;
The service life is short. According to the statistics of Beijing Quality News in 2019, the installed solar street lights across the country can be used for about 13.7% for 2 years while ensuring the brightness required by the national standard. 86.3% of the solar street lights have a service life of only a few months. Or 1-2 years, the cost is too high to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and it needs to be replaced and installed in a short time on a regular basis, which is laboring for the people and money;

To solve the three major problems that plagued the industry, GYS gave an excellent solution:

How GYS uses technology to achieve: anti-cloudy and rainy days are 2-3 times that of traditional technology, life span is 3-5 times, and brightness exceeds 120% of the illuminance index:

Solar core technology 1: MPPT technology solves the problem of charging in cloudy days, producing 20% more electricity, and more electricity is the last word

The core technology of solar energy 2: Save electricity to save solar panels and batteries, which is the real money-saving

Solar energy core technology 3: AI intelligent power distribution technology-use the electricity when it is needed

Solar core technology 4: battery waterproof is the key to life

GYS:Affordable yet Honorable

Super cost-effective solar street light, to ensure the normal lighting 365 days a year, so that users can rest assured to use


In addition, according to the data released by the "Carbon Emissions Trading" website (www.tanpaifang, com) on May 28, 2019, the electricity required to produce solar panels needs 1.17 years to generate electricity to offset the electricity generated in the production process. The board accounts for about 35% of the energy consumption of the entire solar lamp, 1.17/0.35=3.34, which means that a solar street lamp needs 3.34 years of use to offset the energy consumption of the solar lamp, so the service life Two-year solar street lights cannot be "carbon neutral". Only the long-life GYS solar street lights can not only meet the requirements of "carbon neutral", but the extra years can also be used for other high carbon emissions. The products need to contribute to the “carbon neutral” standard, which is what we call “carbon trading”.

At present, many provinces have established local carbon markets. The national carbon market will start trading in June this year, which will be the world's largest carbon trading market. China hopes to rely on this market to strive for the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. Therefore, we propose to do "Carbon-neutral and Guoyu Solar Solar Lighting Demonstration Projects" in all provinces, cities and counties across the country, including arterial roads, rural revitalization, industrial parks, residential areas, enterprises and institutions, park squares, farms, fisheries, Forestry, animal husbandry, etc. are suitable for demonstration projects to contribute to the country's great strategic goal of achieving "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" ahead of schedule.

GYS: Unburden Clients, Common Prosperity


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